[Ontbirds]Large flock of 2,000+ Snow Bunting - Ailsa Craig

Maris Apse apsemaris at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 22 20:11:07 EST 2006

Hi all!
     It was hard to make a good estimate as these birds were swirling and 
landing on both sides of the road as well as out in the fields. The recent 
thaws have uncovered some pretty good looking
manure - likely spread in December.  There were ~ 75 Horned Lark and a few 
Lapland Longspur as well.  A few km. north I also saw 2 Rough-legged Hawks 
close to-gether at the extreme ends of the dark-light spectrum (dark one had 
just a narrow band of light, not white tips of tailfeathers - I spotted the 
light one first and thought 'Snowy').

Directions : A.C. is west of Hwy #4 and Hwy #7 (Elginfield Road) These birds 
were located on the  first road west of Ailsa Craig - ~ 500M north(right) on 
Cassidy Rd (Mdsx.#21).  The RLHawks were just north of the next road, before 
the 'S' bend at Windsor Rd. and on the right.

Maris Apse
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