[Ontbirds]Sage Thrasher-Port Weller-Niagara Region

john black black at brocku.ca
Fri Feb 24 17:57:03 EST 2006

Today (Feb. 24) at 1447 hours Brian Ahara found a Sage Thrasher at the 
eastern end of the eastern Port Weller Pier.  Kayo Roy and I viewed the 
bird at about 1545 hours and agreed with his identification.

The only other Sage Thrasher known from the Niagara Region was found by 
Dan Salisbury in October of 1966.

To reach the eastern Port Weller pier you need to get to the Seaway 
Haulage Road on the east side of the canal north of Lock 1.

Take the Niagara Street exit off the QEW and follow Niagara Street north 
to Lakeshore Road where it ends. Turn right on Lakeshore Road and follow 
Lakeshore until you cross the canal and then immediately turn left onto 
Broadway Ave. Follow Broadway for about 0.5 km until it is intersected 
by a dirt road (Seaway Haulage Road ) . Bear left on the dirt road which 
takes you alongside the canal.  You will reach a yellow gated barrier  
Park well back from the barrier and walk out to the north end of the 
pier (about 1.7 km). There are often people walking their dogs on this 
road.  The pier is L-shaped. At the north end of the road (just past the 
end of the trees on right)  turn right and walk out toward the beacon at 
the extreme east end of the pier. The bird was hopping on and off  the 
dirt road at several locations between about half way to the beacon 
(just near the end of the trees on the right of the road) and 50 meters 
from the beacon. As we walked the road  the bird flew around us on 
several occasions and landed back on the road or just off it. It also 
perched in small trees after a few of these flights

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