[Ontbirds]Reporting Endangered Species

Mark Cranford mark.cranford at ofo.ca
Tue Feb 28 22:28:06 EST 2006


Now is as good a time as any to remind people.  The Barn Owl is an 
endangered  species that if found should be regarded as being on territory.

Please do not report endangered species on a breeding territory unless 
the following criteria are met. ONTBIRDers should be aware of the 
potential dangers of reporting the location of rare or endangered birds 
on breeding territories. None of us wants to be responsible for causing 
a rare bird to abandon a nest or breeding attempt because of 
disturbance. But a report is acceptable if the bird can be seen:

     * from a public location (roadside, established path or trail in a 
conservation area or park or similar);
     * at a safe distance for the birds (at least 20m/ 60ft); and
     * Safely for the watchers (e.g.. roadsides must have shoulders wide 
enough to accommodate cars and people without making them vulnerable to 
oncoming traffic, etc.).

If the bird can be seen at a safe distance but only by entering or 
crossing private property do not report to ONTBIRDS unless the property 
owner has given explicit permission for birders to visit. If in doubt, 
please ask the ONTBIRDS Coordinator before posting.

On the other hand, monitoring agencies such as Bird Studies Canada and 
the Canadian Wildlife Service do need to know about rare birds on 
breeding territory. If a sighting does not meet the criteria above, a 
private report to the ONTBIRDS Coordinator will be forwarded to them.

Mark Cranford
ONTBIRDS Coordinator
Mississauga, Ont.
mark.cranford at ofo.ca
905 279 9576

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