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I may be considered an expert of sorts having processed tens of thousands of
digital photographs.  There is nothing in this photo that appears unusual or
"doctored".  The EXIF data embedded in the photo confirms the date and time
of the exposure as 14:16:49 (2:16:49 pm) Feb. 27, 2006. This sighting and
the one earlier this winter in Southwestern Ontario may be indications that
recent species recovery efforts, including the release of 266 birds in
Pennsylvania, may be baring some fruit.


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The Barn Owl Photo looks to be fishy, I am no expert but, upon close
examination the area around the feet seems to have been doctored, the
pixel's are smudged as if a strp was removed? This is a rare bird, for
Ontario and North of it's typical range. I am skeptical of the authenticity
of this photo.

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