[Ontbirds] Hamilton Naturalists Club Birding Report - Thursday, March 2, 2006

Cheryl Edgecombe cheryle29 at cogeco.ca
Thu Mar 2 20:14:47 EST 2006

On Thursday, March 2nd, 2006, this is the HNC Birding Report:


Greater Scaup
Common Goldeneye
Common Merganser
Red-breasted Merganser
Wood Duck
Bald Eagle
Wild Turkey
Glaucous Gull
Great Black-backed Gull
Snowy Owl
Northern Flicker
Hermit Thrush
Swamp Sparrow

This may go down as HNC's shortest bird report.  All is quiet on the
homefront, no complaints from the writer as I know that the season is about
to pick up.

Some spring migrants were seen this week.  Typical migrants for this time of
year but worthy of the CAPITAL LETTERS as it is a sign of birds moving in.
A KILLDEER was seen last weekend in Hamilton, calling away over Ryckmann's
Corners.  Also last weekend a COMMON RAVEN was seen off of Woodland Cemetery
with a group of crows.  You will note the increase in crow numbers over the
last two weeks hence signifying they are on the move north.  Also recorded
as spring migrants were four COMMON GRACKLES over Binbrook and a RED-WINGED
BLACKBIRD in the south end of the Hamilton Study area coming into a feeder
over the last week.  Soon the above birds numbers will be staggering and I
will fail to mention them in the report but its nice to know at least you
have fame once a year.

The bay still has a number of ducks present on it.  Gadwall, Greater Scaup,
Common Goldeneye, Canvasback, Common and Red-breasted Merganser were all
seen on a walk from the bottom of the High Level Bridge which is located on
York Blvd in Hamilton.  Also seen out here at Carolls Point were two
immature Bald Eagles.

Our Snowy Owls in the bay area have not been reported of late however one
was seen this week in the area of Appleby Line and Hwy 5 in the fields close
to the Wal-Mart located there.

The number of Ring-billed Gulls seems to increase daily at a nauseating
pace.  On the ice off of Eastport Drive last week there was an increase in
the number of both Ring-billed and Herring Gulls (no offence to these
species).  However, seen mingled in the mess were quite a few Great
Black-backed Gulls and a first winter Glaucous Gull.

On a trip up to North Halton this week I was pleasantly amused to find a
Hermit Thrush coming into a feeder on 3rd Side Road just east of Guelph
Line.  Also seen on Britannia Road between Walker's Line and Guelph Line a
Northern Flicker.  At a feeder in the Killbride area, a number of Pine
Siskins are still present at the nyger feeders on Chelsea Street.

In the odds and sods this week a Wood Duck is making a sporadic appearance
at LaSalle Marina at the end of Waterdown Road and an over wintering Swamp
Sparrow looks like he/she has put on a fresh set of feathers and has
returned to a feeder in the Flamborough area and 16 Wild Turkey were seen on
Hwy 56 just north of Blackheath.

The Niagara Peninsula Hawkwatch has started this week.  Its been quiet so
far but a great place to view migrating Hawks, Falcons and Eagles.  This
exercise strengthens the neck muscles for that warbler season which will be
here soon.

Have a great week,
Good Birding,
Cheryl Edgecombe
HNC Hotline

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