[Ontbirds]Varied Thrush, No. Shrike at Shallow Lake

Michael J Nelson mnelson at uwo.ca
Fri Mar 3 20:51:30 EST 2006

The Varied Thrush was still being seen today (Friday) from 0930 to 1000.
On Wednesday at the same location a Northern Shrike flew into a tree in the yard and made a
dive for a Dark-eyed Junco flying under the tree. They both disappeared
behind the house so I don't know if the Junco escaped.

A photo of the Varied Thrush has been submitted to the OFO web site.

Directions as per Dave Fidler's previous e-mail.
Take Hwy 6 to Shallow Lake and turn north-east on Cruickshank Street at 
the post office corner.  Cruickshank St becomes Grey Road 170.  Drive 
4.9 km, red brick house at fire sign 302087 on the left side of the road 
- the yard has a split rail fence around it.  The Varied Thrush feeds on 
the ground below the feeder in the middle of the yard.

Mike Nelson
London, Ontario.

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