[Ontbirds]Gyrfalcon in Ottawa

Carol & Jim burrellsc at golden.net
Fri Mar 3 22:18:45 EST 2006

Subject:  Gyrfalcon in Ottawa


Today around noon while waiting for a bus at Carleton University I saw a
gray morph Gyrfalcon fly up the Rideau River, chase a couple Mallards and
then fly back down the river (east).  The entire observation lasted about 1
minute and began with the 30 or so Mallards on the river bank all flushing
followed by the Gyrfalcon appearing from under the O-train bridge.


This is quite possibly the same bird seen February 21 at the experimental


The location of this sighting is the Rideau River between Colonol By Drive
and Bronson.  The bird flew in and left towards the east (towards Bronson


Good Birding,

Mike Burrell

michofski at hotmail.com

Heidelberg, Ont.






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