[Ontbirds]Golden Eagle SW of Strathroy

Dave & Carol Skinner theskins at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 4 14:46:57 EST 2006

Took a drive west of Strathroy this morning.  Drove south on Sexton Road (dividing line between Lambton and Middlesex counties) to Calvert Road.  Calvert runs SW of Strathroy towards the Glencoe/Alvinston area.  I was on Sexton, just a few miles north of Calvert (actually the first hollow north of the point where McDougal meets Sexton), when I saw the juvenile Golden Eagle.  It was being mob by crows (LOTS of crows in this area today) and dive-bombed by a Red-tailed Hawk.  Also saw Wild Turkeys not too far north of there.

There were many hawks, both Red-tailed and Rough-legged, along Calvert.  Also spotted a Short-eared Owl (flying fairly high) along Calvert between Sexton and Tait's Road.  Horned Larks everywhere.

Dave Skinner
Strathroy, Ontario  

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