[Ontbirds]B. Waxwing, GGO, P. Grosbeak - Bobcaygeon

Rick Lauzon rlauzon at total.net
Sat Mar 4 15:16:06 EST 2006

What was probably just one flock of 60 Bohemian Waxwings was seen in
Bobcaygeon early this morning.
They appeared to be feeding on Buckthorn.  One sighting was at Juniper Park
Rd and Park St(County road 24)on the north side. This location is over the
causeway to the S/W of town.
A similar flock was later spotted on West St, south of CR#8.

I found the Great Gray Owl (reported on Mar 2nd) at Anderson Line and Cosh's
Rd.  It was perched (at 9:20 AM)in the third birch north of Anderson, on the
east side of Cosh's. This location is about a mile north and west of

The Pine Grosbeaks were harder to find. I found only two at the Kimble farm
at 447 highway 49 (which runs north out of town).
This location is maybe 2k further north from Anderson Line.
They were feeding in the lower branches of a large crab apple about 70 feet
west of the highway.  The tree has lots of fruit on it, and it looks like
groups of Grosbeaks have been working it over for a while.

Yesterday, Mar 3rd at 5PM, the GGO was still in the field opposite #890
Highway 121 just north of Fenelon Falls.
This bird was reported on Ontbirds Mar. 1.
I also looked for the two other GGO's that had been reported Mar 1 & 2, but
without success.
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