[Ontbirds]Scarborough Peregrine Falcons

Carol Horner icterus at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 4 16:36:39 EST 2006

Hello Ontbirders

Over the last few weeks I have made periodic checks for the Peregrine 
Falcons at Pharmacy and Eglinton. Usually one or both can be found on the 
south side of the Bell building, which is on just north of Eglinton on the 
east side of Pharmacy.This afternoon as I drove south on Pharmacy, 2 
Peregrines were harrasing 2 separate flocks of Rock Pigeons in the area of 
Pharmacy and Lawrence. Presumably the same pair, which was absent from the 
Bell building at the time.
This is a nice location to observe these magnificent birds, since they can 
be easily seen with binoculars from the parking lot on the west side of 
Pharmacy (north of Eglinton behind Zellers). The Bell building is only 
about 6 stories tall, so the birds are not too high up. Please note that 
the gate at the Bell building itself is marked with No Trespassing signs.
There is information about this pair on the Canadian Peregrine Foundation's 
website at http://www.peregrine-foundation.ca/tops/sctop.html


Pharmacy is one block east of Victoria Park. From the 401 exit at Victoria 
Park, go south to Ellesmere or Lawrence. Go east to Pharmacy and go south 
to the parking lot, which is on the northwest corner of Pharmacy and 
Eglinton. (You can see the large communications tower which is beside the 
Bell building from a long way away)

Good birding

Carol Horner
icterus at sympatico dot ca
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Toronto, Ontario

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