[Ontbirds]Tundra Swans near Selkirk Provincial Park

Larry Staniforth staniforth.larry at rogers.com
Thu Mar 9 10:50:57 EST 2006

While on a bird outing with the Guelph Field Naturalists yesterday, we 
encountered a large number of Tundra Swans,
approx. 350, at about 4PM. They were in the small bay just south of 
Selkirk Provincial Park. While we were there a group of about 100 flew 
off to the Northwest, and another group of about 200 were mustering 
further out in the bay, I assume preparing to leave.

 From County Rd. 3 and Wheeler Rd. come south past the park entrance 
until Wheeler Rd. bends to the left.
On the right side of the road immediately before the bend is a small 
public park. We walked through the park to the west to where the Swans 

Larry Staniforth.
staniforth.larry at rogers.com

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