[Ontbirds]Greater White-fronts: Minesing

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Mon Mar 13 18:40:11 EST 2006

   An  early  Spring visit to Minesing Swamp this afternoon brought mixed
   results.  The  McKinnon Road entrance was flooded and inacessible. But
   the  n.e.  section  off  Ronald  Rd.  near the village of Minesing was
   loaded  with  waterfowl, including 2 Greater White-fronted Geese. Also
   seen  here  were  Canada  Geese,  Mallards, Black Ducks, Pintail, Wood
   Duck, Common Goldeneye, Common Mergansers, Killdeer, Rough-legged Hawk
   (dark-phase),  Northern  Harrier, many Wild Turkeys, Horned Larks, and
   blackbirds. The gulls included 3 Glaucous.
            Herring Gulls were seen on 4 occasions capturing Meadow Voles
   which had been forced to surface from their flooded burrows.
   Directions:  From  Barrie,  take  #  90  west towards Angus. At George
   Johnston  Rd. (#28), go north to Minesing village. Turn left on Ronald
   Rd. Go about 2 kms. to flooded fields on the south side.
   Dave Milsom
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