[Ontbirds]Migrating Eagles Durham Region

Mike Williamson mdw49 at sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 15 20:52:37 EST 2006

Hello,Ont.Birders: Today I Observed 5 Eagles. 3 B/Eagles all adult birds @ 
3:15,3:25,&3:45pm EST .Flight N.E..2G/Eagles 1 adult & 1 3rd yr. juvenile @ 
2:45 & 3:05pm EST. Flight N.E.. Sightings at Finch Rd. & Whites Rd. 
Pickering. I also had 2 Turkey Vultures at Altona Rd. & Taunton Rd. at 
2:30pm EST. Not bad when you are on or way home from work!! Makes the day 
seem so much better!!

Mike Williamson 

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