[Ontbirds]Kingston area birds to March 16

Peter and Jane Good goodcompany at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 17 09:42:43 EST 2006

What a difference a week makes. Last Friday was +10C and there was an
inundation of Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Grackles. This morning
it's -10C and migration is on hold. March is such a fickle month.Last
weekend continued  mild and prompted a fairly large movement of waterfowl.
Several large flocks of Canada Geese flew NE over Camden East on March
11.Hooded Mergansers and Ring-necked Ducks appeared in many places as
streams and ponds opened up. There were over 100 ring-necks at the Mud Lake
dam just north of the 401 at Odessa. A Snow Goose and 15 Tundra Swans were
amongst the waterfowl in Hay Bay.

Raptors are still abundant: 4 Bald Eagles were at Adolphustown on Sunday and
another was seen migrating north over Varty Lake on the 16th. A trip to
Amherst Island last Saturday yielded 10 Snowy Owls as well as 1 Long-eared
and 2 Short-eared. A Turkey Vulture flew over the 401 at Division St. on

Two female Red-winged Blackbirds were reported this week; the first at
Camden East on the 14th and a second the next day at Elginburg. There were
few reports of Brown-headed Cowbirds.

A flock of 7 Killdeer on March 12 near Elginburg and another singleton at
RMC on the 14th started the shorebird migration.There was also one report of
a Woodcock calling last Sunday.

All of this was to be expected with the first movement of warm air into the
province. What wasn't expected was a Baltimore Oriole in all his sping-time
splendor in a front yard on Mowat Ave.; a harbinger of  more colourful
migrants yet to arrive.

Peter Good
Kingston Field Naturalists
613 378-6605

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