[Ontbirds]Snow Geese east of Cornwall

Martin Bowman pict at glen-net.ca
Sat Mar 18 14:51:47 EST 2006

>Further to Brian Morin's posting, there were many hundreds (certainly over
>a thousand) Snow Geese along the 401 east of Lancaster.  The smaller of two
>flocks was just west of Westley Road overpass (first overpass east of
>Lancaster).  At the next overpass to the east (Bainsville Road), there was
>a very large flock on the fields just south and west of the overpass.
>Unfortunately, I was on the 401 and couldn't stop.  This was around 6 p.m.
>Friday evening.
>Anyone looking for these geese would be well advised to take the Service
>Road which runs east just south of the Lancaster overpass (an exit of the
>Martin Bowman
>Williamstown, ON

Saturday at 1 p.m. Snow Geese were still to be seen on the southwest 
corners of the intersections of the 401 with Westley Road and Bainsville 
Road as above . . .


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