[Ontbirds] Snow Geeses at Lancaster, Ontario (Gaye and Betsy Beckwith)

Gaye Beckwith beckwith at kingston.net
Sat Mar 18 21:07:08 EST 2006

Saturday afternoon, March 18 we were treated to seeing hundreds of snow geese flying between corn fields and the St. Lawrence River.  This was just east of Lancaster on the Old Montreal Road.  We also saw thousands of Canada Geese in the Iroquois to Lancaster region.  As well, we saw perhaps a 1000 crows (quite a murder) in a field north of 401 right at the middle (of 3) interchange leading into Cornwall.  While we stopped in Cornwall we witnessed a steady stream of crows flying in a southernly direction over the city.   

Gaye and Betsy Beckwith,
Sydenham, Ontario
beckwith at kingston.net

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