[Ontbirds]Ottawa Saw-Whet and quick spin around Amherst Island

Ott User willott123 at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 19 08:51:25 EST 2006

Took a drive along March Valley Road late yesterday and happened upon 2 
people looking at a bird just off the road.  Turned out it was a Northern 
Saw-Whet owl.  D. Batten had seen it fly across the road.  The owl was 
observed at 5:42pm (Saturday, March 18th) along March Valley Road on the 
right side at the sharp bend in the road as you head toward the Marshes golf 
course.  It was perched at the base of a cedar (one of 3 cedars together and 
there is a yellow checkered 2 way bend in the road traffic sign in front of 
the trees).

Photo of the Northern Saw-Whet owl taken on Saturday.

Earlier in the day had taken a quick spin around Amherst Island.  The price 
for the ferry service has gone up by one dollar to $6.  Was able to spot 
only 1 Snowy Owl sitting in a field along Stella 40 Foot road but there 
could well be more of them on the island.  Wasn't looking very hard for the 
Snowies but just what could be seen from the car while driving by.  There 
was quite a bit of hawk activity and species spotted include the Redtail and 
Rough-Legged.  Some red-winged blackbirds could be seen but the activity is 
lesser than was observed last weekend.
Photo of one of the Redtail Hawks taken on Amherst Island Saturday.

There was one Male Northern Harrier and possibly 1 American Kestrel (had a 
quick glimpse from afar so not absolutely certain).  Took this photo of an 
American Kestrel last weekend on Amherst Island.

Ottawa, Ontario.

Directions from Ottawa for the Northern Saw-Whet owl.
Take 417 west to March Road exit.  Stay right and continue along March Road 
until Klondike.  Turn right on Klondike and continue until March Valley 
Road.  Turn right on March Valley Road.

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