[Ontbirds]White-fronted Goose near Beachville

JmsHldswrth at aol.com JmsHldswrth at aol.com
Wed Mar 15 14:04:04 EST 2006

Hello all,

I observed an adult White-fronted Goose,today [March 15] in a flooded field 
,near Beachville.It was with 150 Tundra Swans as well as various waterfowl [GW 
Teal,N Pintail, A Wigeon etc.]
Although the bird sported a brilliant orange-red bill and extensive 
underbelly barring, I will refrain from speculating on the subspecific ID ,as that 
appears problematical.

To find the bird ,take County Road 6 north from the 401 to CR 9,east to 
Beachville,north on the 43rd Line about 1km.Look on the east side of the flooded 
fields for the Swans and other waterfowl.


James Holdsworth 

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