[Ontbirds]OFO Long Point Outing-Sat.

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Sat Mar 18 19:18:07 EST 2006

   Today 19 car-loads of OFO members eager to beat the cold and find some
   interesting  birds  were  not disappointed. A total of 71 species were
   recorded  despite  the  cold  and  wind. Narrowly missing the Eurasian
   Wigeon at Lee Brown's was our only real setback.
          Best  finds  were  a Lesser Yellowlegs with Killdeer and 2 Tree
   Swallows  along Concession  1, a Pectoral Sandpiper along Concession A
   road,  and  in  the  woods  at  Big  Creek along the same road: Tufted
   Titmouse,  Carolina  Wren,  Brown  Creeper,  Red-bellied Woodpecker, &
   Golden-crowned   Kinglets.   19  duck  species  were  seen,  including
   Canvasback, both Teal, Redhead & 15 Ruddy Ducks. Other good finds were
   Pied-billed  Grebe, Turkey Vulture, Rough-legged Hawk, Harrier, 5 Bald
   Eagles, about 250 Coot, Great Horned Owl, Fox & Chipping sparrows, and
   a flock of Rusty Blackbirds.
         Many thanks to George Pond who led this outing, ably assisted by
   Jim Heslop and Bob Stamp.

   Dave Milsom
   OFO Fieldtrip Coordinator
   [1]milsomdave at hotmail.com


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