[Ontbirds]Eurasian Wigeon at Aylmer Sewage Lagoons March 23

Dave Martin dave.martin at odyssey.on.ca
Thu Mar 23 11:02:02 EST 2006

The Eurasian Wigeon male reported by Sylvia Roe at Aylmer Wildlife 
Management Area [WMA] on March 21 has moved over to Aylmer Sewage Lagoons 
which are about 3 km to the southwest of the WMA.  This bird was not seen 
March 22 at the WMA but was re-discovered by Al Hurst last evening at the 
lagoons.  We saw it this morning [Thurs, March 23] at 0930. It was with 
about 100 other puddle ducks including 2 male Blue-winged Teal, our first 
of this species this spring.

At Aylmer WMA swan numbers are peaking with about 2500 birds; the highest 
numbers are in late afternoon to dusk.  Due to the large number of swans 
there are very few ducks or even Canada Geese.  The eleven Snow Geese that 
were present at 1000h flew off to the northwest just after we arrived.

Directions to Aylmer WMA:
Exit 203 south from 401 on Hwy 73 to College Line. Turn east/left on 
College and drive to Hacienda.  Turn south/right and drive past the Ontario 
Police College to the entrance at the south end. Follow the access road to 
the viewing stands.

Directions to Aylmer Sewage Lagoons
 From Aylmer WMA drive south on Hacienda to Glencolin.  Turn west/right on 
Glencolin and drive through Hwy 73 to Rodgers Road. Turn left/south and the 
sewage lagoons are on the right.  Be advised the lagoons are posted NO 
TRESPASSING so early morning, late afternoon or weekend visits are 
best.  In 30 years we've only been asked to leave by maintenance staff once 
[last summer].  If you are asked to leave do so without being confrontational.

Dave Martin and Linda Wladarski
Harrietsville, ON
dave.martin at odyssey.on.ca

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