[Ontbirds]Common Goldeneye - Waterloo

Mike McNulty mj.mcnulty at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 16:39:05 EST 2006

This afternoon at about 3:00,  I saw an adult female COMMON
GOLDENEYE sharing a lagoon with several Canada Geese.  The yellow tip of the
otherwise black bill was clearly visible, allowing a positive
identification. The duck was in the industrial park north of the University
of Waterloo grounds.

Getting there: Once you are in the vicinity of the university,  take
Columbia Street to Hagey Blvd, then turn North and follow it to the
roundabout at Frank Tompa Dr. Turn left and proceed to the end of the paved
section (right beside UW's Brubacher House), then turn right onto a narrow
paved section and proceed about 150 metres. The duck is in the lagoon on the
East side of the road, right behind the Open Text building.

Mike McNulty.

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