[Ontbirds]Ottawa - Gyrfalcon

David Britton brittondavid at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 26 17:43:09 EST 2006

This afternoon at about 4:30 a gray morph Gyrfalcon was seen in the Clyde 
Woods area in the city of Ottawa.  The bird was viewed from the top of the 
underground reservoir.  It approached from the west, from the direction of 
the Clyde Quarry and circled overhead a couple of times for great looks, 
before flying off to the east in the direction of the Central Experimental 
Farm.  This is quite possibly the same bird that has been seen 
intermittently in this area through February and March.

Directions courtesy of Larry Neilly's Birding Ottawa Page:  From Highway 417 
(The Queensway) take exit 126 (Maitland Avenue) south. Go SSE for 0.9 km on 
Maitland to Glenmount Avenue, then turn left or NNE into it. Proceed 0.2 km 
to Bonnie Crescent and turn right or east onto it. Drive 0.3 km to Clyde 
Avenue and turn left or NNW onto it. Proceed 0.4 km to the end of this 
section of Clyde Avenue. Pull off to the side and park here for the Clyde 
Woods & Quarry site.  The reservoir is located a short distance to the north 
along the main trail (it looks like a big grassy hill).  Climb to the top 
and proceed to the north edge where you have a panoramic view.  This is 
where the bird was seen.

David Britton

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