[Ontbirds]Beamer Hawkwatch, March 26, 2006

philip waggett philipwaggett at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 26 19:40:50 EST 2006

   Another excellent day at the Niagara Hawkwatch.  Today's count was 469
   raptors, including turkey vultures (253), bald eagles (5--3 adults and
   2  juveniles), northern harrier (1), sharp-shinned hawks (6), cooper's
   hawks   (6),   red-shouldered  hawks  (35),  red-tailed  hawks  (157),
   rough-legged  hawks (2), american kestrel (1), and unidentified buteos
   (3).  Many thanks to the other hawkwatchers, especially Colin and Tom,
   for their assistance with the count.

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