[Ontbirds]Newmarket Area Birds

RON FLEMING flemingron at rogers.com
Sun Apr 9 18:03:49 EDT 2006

At the Cawthra Mulock nature reserve in NW Newmarket there were a few spring arrivals braving the wintry temperatures Saturday morning and looking a lot happier in today's milder conditions: EASTERN PHOEBE (3), WINTER WREN (2), RUFFED GROUSE (2), N. FLICKER (1), SONG SPARROW (8), GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET (50+), EASTERN MEADOWLARK (3), and - in yesterday's morning's snow - the fresh tracks of four WILD TURKEYS.  An unexpected surprise this morning was an OSPREY calling from the top of one of the hydro towers.  There were also three WOOD DUCKS in the pond.  Mary Carnahan added a COOPER'S HAWK at this location today.
  At about the same time that I was at the reserve Saturday (7:00 - 9:00 a.m.), Keith Dunn was checking the birding spots around Holland Landing.  He had six lingering TUNDRA SWANS, two GREAT BLUE HERONS, a few N. PINTAIL and a pair of N. SHOVELERS along Hochreiter Road, plus a FOX SPARROW at the north end of Yonge Street (where it dead-ends at Silver Lakes Golf Course).  The flooded fields along Hochreiter were mainly frozen when Keith was there but they were open again today and held many more birds, some of them already noted by Frank Pinella in his earlier post: PINTAIL (300), GW TEAL (200), N. SHOVELER (20), and AM. WIGEON (20). 
  There was also a BELTED KINGFISHER rattling up and down the Holland River this afternoon, and several DC CORMORANTS flying about.  I observed my second OSPREY of the day at this location around 3:00 p.m., then a third one sitting on a nesting platform beyond the dead end of Bathurst Street North half an hour later.
  MacKenzie Marsh in Aurora has had two pairs of HOODED MERGANSERS and several RING-NECKED DUCKS (approx. 30) all week.  Yesterday several TREE SWALLOWS arrived there and, in today's milder temperatures, that number was up to at least 20.
  Ron Fleming, Newmarket
    Directions: Hochreiter Road and the north end of Bathurst Street are accessed from Yonge Street north of Newmarket (i.e. past the cluster of big box stores).  Between Bradford and Newmarket (after a long descent north of the first stoplights indicating Holland Landing), you come to another stoplight indicating Bathurst Street and Queensville.  Turn right, then a quick left and the road soon turns north again after crossing a railroad track.  Drive straight north, past Queensville Sdrd. and you will come to a large sign for Albert's Marina.  Hochreiter Road runs west and, despite the lunarlike driving conditions, is usually worth checking at this time of year.
  As for the Cawthra Mulock reserve, it is supposed to have limited access (which we have been trying to point out to some of the local ATV and snowmobile riders).  Ideally, it is meant for those who sponsor or are members of Ontario Nature.  Contact me for more information.
  Newmarket sits on the east side of the Holland River while Bradford sits on the west.
  Both towns are just east of Hwy. 400, halfway between Toronto and Barrie.
  Aurora is just south of Newmarket and the Mackenzie Marsh is just east of Yonge Street on St. John's Sdrd.


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