[Ontbirds]Point Pelee-April 30

Sandra Hawkins shawk09 at cp.centennialcollege.ca
Mon May 1 09:19:10 EDT 2006

A strong east wind and mostly overcast skies kept numbers and species 
down. In spite of the conditions and a time constraint, we managed to 
see the following species: 

Brown Thrasher (2)
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (4) 
Field Sparrow (3) 
Palm Warbler (1) 
Swainson's Thrush (1)
Yellow-rumped Warbler  
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
White-winged Scoter 
Turkey Vulture (15) (performing an aerial ballet soaring in the strong 
Red-breasted Merganser 
Double-crested Cormorant
White-crowned Sparrow
Barn Swallow (Building nests at the tip vistors' shelter and beneath 
the Marsh Walk viewing stand)
Tree Swallow
Rough-winged Swallow
Common Loon

Sandra and Bob Hawkins

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