[Ontbirds]Point Pelee N.P. Migration Report - May 3rd, 2006

Janice.Sarkis at pc.gc.ca Janice.Sarkis at pc.gc.ca
Wed May 3 11:25:56 EDT 2006

A nice variety of new migrants were reported this morning. Numbers were not
large but they were steady. Most exciting was the well observed Worm-eating
Warbler near the Monarch Butterfly display. With patience, and a little
luck, many birders were able to get good looks at this bird. Also present
in the Tip area was Yellow-breasted Chat (possibly two), White-eyed Vireo,
Golden-winged and Blue-winged Warbler, Northern Parula, Northern
Mockingbird and Eastern Bluebird.  Once again, Little Gull was observed at
or off the Tip early in the morning and a  couple of Dunlin foraged there
briefly. A little wave of Black-and-white Warblers appears to have moved
into the Park as was evident by their song. Increasing numbers of observers
are seeing Scarlet Tanager, and Baltimore and Orchard Oriole numbers seem
to be increasing daily.

A male Summer Tanager was reported from near the Prickly Pear Cactus
display, just north of the Visitor centre parking lot, but no details were
submitted and it has yet to be relocated.

The Eurasian Wigeon was seen as recently as last night at the Hillman Marsh
shorebird habitat.

Hopefully the warmer temperatures will bring even more migrants to the Park
over the next day or so.

Good Birding

Friends of Point Pelee
John Haselmayer, Karl Konze, Ross Mackintosh, Dave  Martin, Pete Read, and
Marianne Reid

Point Pelee National Park of Canada and the Friends of Point Pelee bring
you the Festival of Birds 2006 from April 29 - May 22.  The Friends of
Point Pelee offer daily birding hikes, including evening hikes from
Wednesday to Sunday, May 6 - 22.  Quest Nature Tours and Bushnell
Performance Optics sponsor County Bus tours on May 6 & 13.  Second Annual
Fundraising Dinner on May 12, with guest speaker Bobby Harrison, on the
Ivory-billed Woodpecker.  Visit www.pc.gc.ca/pelee or email fopp at mnsi.net
for more information.

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General Manager, Friends of Point Pelee
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