[Ontbirds]Point Pelee N.P. Migration Report - May 4, 2006

Janice.Sarkis at pc.gc.ca Janice.Sarkis at pc.gc.ca
Thu May 4 11:56:34 EDT 2006

Overnight SW winds coupled with brief early morning showers did not bring
an increase in birds that everyone was anxiously hoping for. In fact,
overall bird numbers decreased considerably from the day before.
Apparently, overnight weather conditions were not ideal for migrants to
take flight south and west of the border, whereas conditions in the Park
were much more favourable for departure.

Still Pelee continues to produce its share of noteworthy observations.
Perhaps most unusual this morning was an adult Black-crowned Night-Heron
perched in a tree immediately adjacent to a busy trail leading down to the
tip. It was almost certainly resting from its journey across the lake.
Everyone seemed thrilled to see this bird so close. Also of interest was
the fact that this bird was banded. (Was anyone able to read the single
silver USFWS band number?). Also at the Tip area was a White-eyed Vireo,
Blue-winged Warbler and Northern Parula. Both Orchard and Baltimore Orioles
seemed especially conspicuous this morning. However, aside from
Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, most other songbirds were
observed as singles or low numbers. A single Little Gull was spotted at the

Slightly better numbers have been reported from locations further north in
the Park. As example, noteworthy observations included a female Hooded
Warbler, female Cerulean Warbler, and Scarlet Tanagers at Blue Heron.
Amongst others, warblers there included American Redstart and Magnolia
Warbler. Four Sandhill Cranes were also observed flying past at this
location. The DeLaurier Trail has also seen some activity.

Good Birding

Friends of Point Pelee
John Haselmayer, Karl Konze, Ross Mackintosh, Dave  Martin, Pete Read, and
Marianne Reid

Point Pelee National Park of Canada and the Friends of Point Pelee bring
you the Festival of Birds 2006 from April 29 - May 22.  The Friends of
Point Pelee offer daily birding hikes, including evening hikes from
Wednesday to Sunday, May 6 - 22.  Quest Nature Tours and Bushnell
Performance Optics sponsor County Bus tours on May 6 & 13.  Second Annual
Fundraising Dinner on May 12, with guest speaker Bobby Harrison, on the
Ivory-billed Woodpecker.  Visit www.pc.gc.ca/pelee or email fopp at mnsi.net
for more information.

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