[Ontbirds] yellow warblers at Tiny Marsh, and White-Crowned sparrow in Thornhill

Gene Denzel lezned at yorku.ca
Thu May 4 21:46:11 EDT 2006

We spent most of the day at Tiny Marsh, after the rains passed  
through. Amongst the usual stuff (including American Bittern and a  
menage a trois of Hooded Mergansers, as well as a pair of Northern  
Harriers who were apparently tending a nest) there were several  
YELLOW WARBLERS near the NE corner of the dike trail. Upon arriving  
home in Thornhill, we had a single WHITE CROWNED SPARROW hanging out  
in the yard, new for the season.

Gene and Charlene Denzel
9 Idleswift Drive
Thornhill, ON L4J 1K8

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