[Ontbirds]Kingston area birds to May 5, 2006

Peter and Jane Good goodcompany at sympatico.ca
Fri May 5 09:14:04 EDT 2006

The time of year has finally arrived when one has to be somewhat selective
in what to report. The number of first arrivals is significant this week but
there have been no rarities and not very much of an unexpected nature.

Common Loons are on most of the back lakes but very few were seen on Lake
Ontario. A late report had 6 Red-necked Grebes on Sydenham Lake April 22nd;
these birds are rarely seen away from the big lake in the Kingston area.
Sora, Virginia Rail, and Am. Bittern were widely reported.

With respect to raptors, Osprey seem to be everywhere in numbers; 2 near
Kingston Mills, up to 5 at RMC and both platforms on Amherst Island seem to
be occupied. The second Red-shouldered Hawk survey found 17 on the Opinicon
Rd. There were still 2 Rough-legged Hawks and a Short-eared Owl on Amherst
last Saturday as well as several N. Harriers with the males doing their wild
roller coaster mating ritual.

Shorebird migration is picking up steam with eight species reported. Amherst
had 4 Greater Yellowlegs,1 Ruddy Turnstone, and 3 Wilson's Phalarope on
April 29 and a different mix of 4 Dunlin, 4 Phalarope, 2 Greater Yellowlegs,
5 Spotted, and 1 Least Sandpiper on May 3rd. Millhaven Creek in Odessa had
both Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs as well as Spotted Sandpipers. Wilton
Creek near Morven had both yellowlegs and a Solitary Sandpiper. More
yellowlegs and 3 Least were on Unity Rd. and another Solitary was seen on
the Opinicon Rd.

Passerines are also more varied this week. E. Kingbirds were seen on Amherst
April 29th and in shrike habitat near Newburgh on May 4th. A Great-crested
Flycatcher was on the Opinicon Rd. April 30th. Three species of vireo were
mentioned: Warbling at Little Cat, Yellow-throated on the Opinicon Rd. and
Blue-headed at both of these locations plus Lemoine Pt. Warblers are
trickling in but there are not yet enough Yellow-rumps  to make to make
warbler viewing really frustrating. A N. Waterthrush was off HWY 38 on May
2nd, Black and White and Redstart were at Little Cat, and Nashville and Palm
at Lemoine Pt. on May 3rd. A Common Yellowthroat was at Elginburg and a
Yellow at Camden East on May 4th.

There seems to have been a movement of Red-breasted Nuthatches this week
with several reported from Amherst, Lemoine Pt., and the Opinicon Rd. House
Wrens have appeared everywhere as have White-crowned Sparrows. The latter, I
think, wait until gardeners have planted their grass seed before they

Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were heard at Lemoine Pt. and Camden East on the 3rd
and 4th respectively. And just to show that it's almost never too late to
pick up some winter birds, 2 Evening Grosbeaks visited a feeder in Bayridge

Peter Good
Kingston Field Naturalists
613 378-6605

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