[Ontbirds]Am. Avocet - Nonquon S.L.

jim dixon j.dixon at rogers.blackberry.net
Fri May 5 18:10:45 EDT 2006

The two Am. Avocet's are still at the Nonquon S.L. in Port Perry (5:30 PM).  They are in the south end of the second cell.  There are nine species of shorebird present. 
(Avocet - 2, Solitary - 1, Dunlin - 1, Least - 10+, Pectoral - 4+, Spotted - 1, and Greater, Lesser and Killdeer).  There is also 6 Black Terns and 10 Caspian.

The lagoons are located at 1730 Scugog Line 8.  If you don't have a pass, you can get one at the dump.  This is at 1623 Reach St. (open Tues - Sat   8-4).  Both of these places are inbetween Simcoe Rd. And Hwy 12.  This is at the north end of Port Perry and about 25 minutes north of the 401 in Oshawa - Whitby. 

Jim Dixon - Port Perry

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