[Ontbirds]RE: Birding report for Pinecroft, near Aylmer, Ontario; week of May 1 - 5/06

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Sun May 7 21:48:48 EDT 2006

   An  influx  of  warblers  reached Pinecroft, early on Saturday morning
   with Western palm warbler, Chestnut-sdied warbler and Pine warblers in
   mixed species flocks around the pond.  The resident Blue headed vireo,
   which  arrived April 28th has found a mate and was heard singing along
   the  main  trail  at  station  marker  B1  near  the back of the pond,
   suggesting they may breed there.  An unidentified Empidonax flycatcher
   was  also observed.  Bev Rock, a visiting birder from the London area,
   spotted  2  adult  Solitary sandpipers at the back of the pond and the
   first Great crested flycatcher was heard on Friday afternoon.

   The next birding update will be giving on Sun. May 14th.

   Pinecroft  may  be reached by driving on Highway  #401  toward Highway
   #73, near Ingersoll and turning
   south  on Highway  #73.    Continue  approximately 22 km. south on Hwy
   #73  through    the  towns  of  Harrietsville and Lyons to the town of
   Aylmer.  At the traffic  light  turn  right,  heading  west on Highway
   #3  and continue approximately  1.5  km.  until  you  reach Rogers Rd.
   S.  Turn  left  on    Rogers  Rd.  S.,  heading south approx. 1.5 km.,
   crossing  Conservation Line  at  the  stop sign to the 4th driveway on
   the  left.  This  is  the entrance  to Pinecroft.  If you get lost you
   may phone Pinecroft
   staff at;  (519)  773-3435,  but  there  are    signs   from   Highway
   #401.  Those interested  in  participating   in   the   upcoming  bird
   workshops  beginning  Thurs.  May  18th  are asked to meet outside the
   restaurant at  Pinecroft;  bring  cameras  and  binoculars, prepare to
   dress   according to  the  weather  as  workshops   will  go  rain  or
   shine.    Hikes will be guided by students and staff of the Biological
   Field School.
   There  is  a  fee      for      these      workshops      to      help
   support internships  for  students.  To       date,       67      bird
   species  have  been  recorded  at  Pinecroft  since  June, 2004 (Birds
   of     Pinecroft  books  are  available  for  purchase  with  proceeds
   also going to students  for internships.  The
   following dates   are   being   scheduled  for  birding  workshops  at

   Thurs.   May  18;        1  1:30  pm             $10.00/person  Spring

                                         2  3 pm            $20.00/person
   Birding by ear

   Tues. May 23;       1 1:30 pm            $10.00/person Spring warblers

                                         2  3 pm            $20.00/person
   Birding by ear

   Sat.  May 27;              1 1:30 pm            $10.00/person Birds of
   Carolinian Canada

                                         2  4 pm            $40.00/person
   Birds of Pinecroft

   Thurs.  Jun. 1;             1 1:30 pm     $10.00/person Breeding birds
   of southwestern Ontario

                                       2 2:30 pm            $10.00/person
   Raptors and Birds of prey

                                       3 3:30 pm            $10.00/person
   Waterbirds of Pinecroft

   Fri.  Jun.  2;                    1  1:30  pm            $10.00/person
   Forest birds of Pinecroft

                                         2  3 pm            $20.00/person
   Songbirds and their songs

   Tues.  Jun.  6;                1 1:30 pm     $10.00/person Learning to
   recognize rare birds   by song

                                         2  4 pm            $40.00/person
   The birds of Pinecroft

   To  register  please  go  to  the  following  link  on  the
   EARTHQUEST Biological Field School website;


    Good birding!
    Dave Jolly,
   Senior Instructor
   EARTHQUEST Biological Field School
   Tel: (519) 875-3340
   Email: earthquestcanadaATyahoo.com
    Website: [2]http://www.geocities.com/earthquestcanada

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   1. http://www.geocities.com/earthquestcanada/Workshops.html
   2. http://www.geocities.com/earthquestcanada
   3. http://g.msn.com/8HMAENCA/2734??PS=47575

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