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Mon May 22 08:32:56 EDT 2006

Migration has slowed a bit with the cooler weather over the weekend. Weather
reports indicate that it will warm up considerably for the start of the
Festival this coming weekend.

There are still quite a few warbler species being seen at MacGregor Point
Park and especially around the DU pond on the south boundary. Of the
warblers seen are Blackburnian, Northern Parula, Bay-breasted, Blackpoll,
Plam and Cape May. Along the Townline Rd.,  the south boundary of the park,
territorial Golden-winged and Blue-winged and a Clay-coloured Sparrow.
At the tower on the DU pond, Least Bitterrn were heard calling, Yellow
Warbler, Eastern Phoebe and Least Flycatcher are busy building nests.Good
views of Virginia Rail and Sora Rail seen from the Tower as well.

Mirimichi Bay still has about a dozen Semipalmated Plover and Great Egrets
and great Blue Herons are being seen regularly on the mainland as they hunt
and feed to take back to their families on Chantry island.

Along the J/I road on Sunday afternoon were Rose Breasted Grosbeak,
Bobolink, Eastern Meadowlark, and a pair of Upland Sandpiper at the corner
of the 12th Conc. Bruce and the J/I Rd.

Thanks to Ethan Meleg, Mark Wiecinski and John Haselmayer for their
contributions to this report.

Yours in birding
Mike Pickup

To reach MacGregor Point Provincial Park. From Hwy #21 south of Port Elgin,
turn west on 4th Conc. Saugeen and follow the signs to the Park.

The Bruce/Saugeen Townline which is the southern boundary of MacGregor Point
Park runs west from the hamlet of North Bruce on Hwy. #21 to the shore of
Lake Huron. DU pond is approx. 5 km west of North Bruce on a gravel road
which has a no exit sign at the east end.

Mirimichi Bay is west of Hwy #21 on 10th Conc. Saugeen north of Port Elgin.
Travel west approx. 2 km and turn right (north), the first intesection and
Mirimichi Bay and Horseshoe Bay are on your left as you travel along Lake
Huron towards Southampton, Chantry Island can been seen of shore.

The J/I sideroad is a gravel road running north and south one conc. west of
Hwy. #21 from the Bruce/Saugeen townline and ends in the village of
Tiverton. The 12th Conc. Bruce, is the first intesection south of the
The HURON FRINGE BIRDING FESTIVAL takes place every year at MacGregor Point
Provincial Park.
This year the 9th Annual Festival takes place MAY 26 TO JUNE 4. There are
over 80 events and over 40 top notch leaders. The migration corridor along
the shore of Lake Huron known as "The Huron Fringe", extending from
Kincardine to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula is the area we cover. Our
birding hikes, presentations and workshops are lead by very competent
birders and naturalists from all Ontario and Michigan. All birders and
naturalists from the beginner to the more advanced will find something to
pique their interests.
To find out more about our program and down load a registration form, visit
the Friends of MacGregor Point web site

Spaces on our some of our events are still available. Sign up at the Park.

(Click on "Birding Festival" and then on "Events")
for accommodation in Saugeen Shores visit

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