[Ontbirds] Hendersoni Short-billed Dowitcher at Pringle Creek, Brock St. in Whitby--May 22

Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at rogers.com
Mon May 22 15:45:22 EDT 2006

A beautiful orange-red-bellied Short-billed Dowitcher (in breeding plumage)-- Limnodromus griseus hendersoni-- was seen busily sewing-machine-feeding with many peeps in the afternoon of May 22 in the Pringle Creek mudflats to the east of the Brock St. (Whitby) causeway bridge.

As Frank Pinilla e-mailed (qv) warblering in Thickson's Woods was great during the morning, albeit the tree-leafing is a challenge. Counting the Chat the records show at least 20 warblers. Other notables were-- Orchard Oriole, Eastern Wood Pewee and a Bald Eagle flying over before noonhour.

And, oh yes, 2 of us found the true Solomon's Seal in flower.

Besides the Wild Turkeys possibly showing along Hall's Rd. you may see and/or hear the following at either Cranberry Marsh platform-- Common Moorhen, Virginia Rail, Sora. 

Best wishes for birding in the "southern clime" while I take in the Bruce for a week.

For Pringle Creek--exit 401 at Brock St, (in Whitby), south beyond Victoria to the bridge.
For Thickson's-- exit 401 at Thickson Rd. in southeast Whitby, south towards the lake, turning east on the roadway along the north side of the pine woods.

Doug Lockrey, Whitby

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