[Ontbirds]Shorebirds at Kent 3 & the Merlin Road

E. Smout eas9999 at yahoo.com
Mon May 22 20:51:26 EDT 2006

Hi All

At 6pm this evening there were still a decent number
of shorebirds on the fields at the northwest corner of
Highway 3 and the Merlin Road, Kent 7.  We estimated a
few hundred Black Bellied Plover, ~50 Dunlin, ~20
Ruddy Turnstones and approximately 10 Semipalmated
Plover. These fields are extremely large and the haze
and the winds made it very difficult to get any kind
of accurate count.  Birds were also seen  on the east
side of the Merlin Road, approximately 2 km north of
#3.  They seem to favour the wetter fields. 

I noted in today's Pelee report that they had had few
reports from the north end of the park.  Last evening
we stopped in at Sanctuary where we saw a dozen
warbler species, Cedar Waxwings and many, many,
many(!) more of the usual suspects seen at Pelee
yesterday.  It was excellent.  It was also interesting
to note how much of the west side of the tip was
underwater.  I have never seen so little beach area at
Sanctuary.  There is less than half of the beach than
before the severe high winds of May 11 which seemed to
me to be the catalyst of much of tip erosion.

Good Birding,

Ellen Smout
London, Ont.

Directions as per Tom Hince's email May 17. The
Chatham-Kent plover fields are along Kent Rd 3
[formerly Hwy 3] about  mid way between Blenheim and

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