[Ontbirds] Worm-eating Warbler, White-rumped Sandpiper Oshawa Second Marsh area

Tyler Hoar thoar at rogers.com
Wed May 24 12:38:42 EDT 2006

There was a good fallout of warblers around the Oshawa Second marsh area.

Worm-eating Warbler

 1 Singing and skulking bird just south of the GM platform. The bird was in 
the stand of trees just south of the GM platform. It was moving through the 
dogwood/raspberry understory. Several warblers were moving slowly north from 
Cool Hollow towards Ghost Road Woods all morning.

White-rumped Sandpiper

1 bird present in Jim's Pond. The pond presently has mudflats and 
approximately 40 shorebirds (7 species) present.

Other highlights
19 Species of warblers most in Cool Hollow including Connecticut, Canada, 
Bay-breasted, Cape May, Mourning, Wilson's, Tennessee
Flycatchers: Least, Willow, Alder, Yellow-bellied, Eastern Wood-Pewee, and 
Eastern Kingbird
1 Gray-cheeked Thrush
1 Sora foraging on the mudflats in Jim's Pond
1 Green Heron
4 American Wigeon
Several Orchard and Baltimore Orioles

Total species seen this morning 96


Exit from the 401 at the Harmony Rd. Exit(419) in Oshawa. Go south on
Farewell St. Colonel Sam Drive. Turn East onto Colonel Sam Drive and follow
to the parking lot at the GM Headquarters. Park in the west parking lot
close to the marsh. The east (GM) platform is visible from the NW corner of
the lot.

For a trail map of the Oshawa Second marsh area visit
 www.secondmarsh.com and check the link for a trail map of
the area. 

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