[Ontbirds]Curlew Sandpiper,Worm-eating Warbler-Long Pt area

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Fri May 26 11:52:26 EDT 2006

   While conducting the Baillie Birdathon yesterday (153 sp.), we found 2
   Worm-eating  Warblers  ,  one  in the Wilson Tract, another behind the
   trout   pond   at   St.   William  Forestry  Station.  Also,  Prairie,
   Prothonotary, Cerulean and Hooded warblers in the Long Point area.
       At  7  pm  at Townsend Lagoons, we refound the Curlew Sandpiper, a
   Red-necked Phalarope (male) and a lone Whimbrel.
     Other good birds included 2 pairs of Sandhill Cranes, Sedge Wren and
   Least Bittern at Big Creek Marsh off the Causeway.
   Directions:  Wilson  Tract  is  west  of  #59,  south of RR 60 on West
   Quarter  Line.  St.  Williams station is n. off #24 about 3 km north -
   west of St. Williams.
   Townsend  Lagoons  are  n.  of Highway 3 on RR# 69. Go 1.4 km to first
   left  after  railway  tracks  and  follow  it .5 km to entrance on the
   Dave Milsom
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