[Ontbirds]European finch in Scarborough, ON

Peter and/or Lisa summerrum at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 19 00:45:54 EDT 2006

For the past week at least there has been what I believe to have positively
identified as a European Finch at my backyard feeder in Scarborough.  It
appears throughout the day, feeding on the nyger seeds that attract our
American Goldfinches.  It has the red face patch, black hood and broad
yellow bands along the wings as shown in Peterson's  Eastern BIrds field
guide.  I toook a photo of it at the feeder on June 13, 2006, approx.
5:30p.m.), and I would be glad to email it to interested birders for a
confirmation of the sighting and to know if anyone else has seen this
species lately, or if this is an escape.
    In early May we also had a Northern Mockingbird in our yard, and spotted
an Indigo Bunting flitting through bushes down our street.
    We are  located in the Danforth Road,/Midland,/Eglinton,/Brimley area of
Scarborough (Toronto).  Anyone interested in seeing the European Finch,
contact me for specific address, directions and times at
summerrum at earthlink.net

Lisa Pepperman
Scarborough, Ontario

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