[Ontbirds] Dickcissel, Sandhill Crane, Brewer's Blackbird on the Bruce Peninsula

philip waggett philipwaggett at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 19 20:26:54 EDT 2006

   Bill  Rapley  and I spent Sunday and Monday looking for breeding birds
   on  the  Bruce Peninsula with limited success.  The male dickcissel on
   Dyer's   Bay   Road   is   still  singing and  exhibiting  territorial
   behaviour;   we  cannot  confirm  that  we  saw the female bird but we
   believe  that  one  is  present  some  60-70 yards south of the male's

   On  Crane  Lake  Road,  there  are 3 pairs of sandhill cranes that are
   exhibiting  territorial  behaviour.    We  did  not see young with the
   adults, nor was there any evidence of nesting at this time.

   In  the  Cape Chin area, we found a newly completed nest of a Brewer's
   Blackbird among a loose colony of 7 pairs.  We will report back in two

   At  Oliphant,  we  had  a pair of common snipe on territory.  They may
   well have young at this time of year.

   As  an  aside, while driving through Elora on Saturday night (5:45 pm)
   on  my way north, a male peregrine falcon flew over my car at a height
   of about 20 feet at the gorge.

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