[Ontbirds]Indigo bunting, ruddy ducks: Laurel Creek, Waterloo

Mike McNulty mj.mcnulty at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 20:10:13 EDT 2006

Today at about 16:00 at Laurel Creek Conseration Area, I saw an Indigo
Bunting along the trail that runs parallel to the main road at the
spot which is about 50m West of the baseball shelter. This structure
is about 1/2k into the park.

I later wandered down to the lake where directly off the beach near the pump
I saw a pair of Ruddy Ducks. The female did some hunting while the male
napped. This is the same spot where recently I reported the Coot and
Pied-billed Grebe.

Other birds of note:

Red-eyed vireo
Warbling vireo
Red-breasted nuthatch
Grey catbird
Cedar waxwing
Yellow warbler
Common yellowthroat
Northern cardinal
House finch (pair)
Chipping sparrow
Field sparrow
Song sparrow

and on the bike ride back past Columbia Lake which is just South of the
conservation area...

Great blue heron
Red-tailed hawk
Downy woodpecker (pair)
Barn swallow
Horned lark (pair) ( ! )
Baltimore Oriole
Savannah sparrow

Laurel Creek Conservation Area is in the North part of Waterloo. See the
following map for local details.

For more specific details please email me.

Mike McNulty.

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