[Ontbirds]Dickcissel's - Near Paisley

mike pickup mpickup at bmts.com
Mon Jul 10 21:48:20 EDT 2006

The pair of Dickcissel that Michael Carlson found on Saturday where there
this evening at 5:00pm in the same location. I could hear the bird singing
as I pulled off the side of the road to park. I no sooner had my scope set
up and the male sat up on top of the tree about 100 yds in the field. The
female was then located near the base of the tree sitting on a shrub, quite
easy to see from the road.

directions are as per Michael Carlson. Birds seen on Side Rd. 33/34 about
100 yds from County Rd. #11 near Paisley. County Rd. #11 runs between North
Bruce south of Port Elgin to Paisley. Turn north on Side Rd. 33/34 and the
field is on the east side of the road.

Good Birding
Mike Pickup

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