[Ontbirds]Toronto Barnacle Goose July 12 2006

Craig McLauchlan csam at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 12 15:54:56 EDT 2006

Excuse my spelling and Grammar, I am Dyslexic thank you.


There has bin a Barnacle Goose seen for a few days now near the  boardwalk at Gzowski Park ( Sunnyside Beach) pedestrian bridge , today it was a little farther down the boardwalk to the east .

Now yes I am 99.99% sheer that this bird is a escapee so pleas don't email me with that info ! but still its a nice adult and the first I have seen since 1978 .

Gzowski Park and  Sunnyside Beach can be  found just east of Humber Bay park running along the Lake shore Blvd hear in Toronto, ther is lots of parking 


Craig & Bev McLauchlan 

Toronto , Ont. , Canada , World 

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