[Ontbirds]Least Bittern, shorebirds, etc. - Ottawa East

Tony Beck beck.tony at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 20 16:23:16 EDT 2006

Hello Ontbirders

Several interesting sightings this morning in areas east of Ottawa.

Petrie Island
At the marsh on the west side of the Trim Road causeway there was:
* 1 Least Bittern
* 2 adult Sora
* 2 adult Black Terns
Directions courtesy Neily World: 

Dignard Constructed Wetland
In the manure pile, and the two smallest west cells, there were:
* 3 Solitary Sandpipers
* 2 Semipalmated Sandpipers
* 25 Least Sandpipers
* A Horned Lark, and families of Spotted Sandpiper and Killdeer were 
also present.
Directions: From Hwy 417 go south on Hwy 28 to Route 300.
The wetland is on farm property at the southeast corner of Route 300 
and Hwy 28 (Northwest of Embrun). Route 300 turns left only (northeast) 
of Hwy 28. Look for the large "Dignard Constructed Wetland" sign on 
your right hand side.
The "South Nation Conservation" request that birders park on the side 
of the road, and respect the farm's private property.
For more information visit: 

Embrun Sewage Lagoons
In the upper cells there were several ducks including:
* 1 male Redhead
* 2 male and 1 female Ruddy Ducks
* Flying overhead was a Semipalmated Plover.
* In the plowed field on the southeast side of the lagoons were 14 
Upland Sandpipers.
Directions courtesy Neily World: 

Cheerio & Good Luck

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