[Ontbirds]Holland Landing Lagoon:Shorebirds

Dave Worthington worth at pathcom.com
Thu Jul 27 01:33:17 EDT 2006

At the Holland Landing S. L. this morning the water levels had changed a bit
so the shorebirds were more spread out with the majority being in the most
easterly pond. A lot of the peeps were in the weedy section in the south
east side. Approximate numbers were;
5 Pectoral Sandpipers
1 Semi-pal Plover
1 Gr. Yellowlegs
20+ Lesser Yellowlegs (1 being a Juv)
75+ Bonaparte's Gull (1 a Juv)
15+ Spotted & Solitary Sandpipers
60+ peeps (mostly Least & some Semi-pal) scattered among the 3 ponds with
low water levels
lots of Killdeer
Dave Worthington
worth at pathcom.com

Directions: (as per Ron Fleming)
The Holland Landing lagoons are just north of Newmarket, which in turn is
about 30 minutes directly north of Toronto.  From Davis Drive/Hwy.9, you can
travel straight north on Yonge Street, past all the big box stores in the
north part of Newmarket (which end at Green Lane where Silvercity Cinemas
sit on the east side), to the stoplights beside the Newmarket Inn.  Turn
right into Holland Landing and follow the curving descent to the lights at
the bridge.  You will be on Old Yonge Street.  Keep going north through
town.  You will go through a little curve in the road where there are
conifer stands on both sides, then you will pass Doane Rd. on the right.
About a km after that you will see two white wagon wheels and a Maximum 60
sign; this is Cedar St.  Turn right (east) and follow it to the dead end.
Park there and perform a fairly easy gate gymnastic.  The four lagoons are
along that gravel service road.  Watch for poison ivy, especially on the
north side of the road.

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