[Ontbirds] Tricolored Heron -Niagara Falls, Ontario, Whip-poor -will - Wainfleet, Ont.

WilliamWatsonSr at aol.com WilliamWatsonSr at aol.com
Mon Aug 7 00:01:16 EDT 2006

August 6 - Observed the Tricolored Heron in Niagara Falls, Ontario, from  
6:45 to 7:35 PM this evening. It was about a mile upstream from the Horseshoe  
Falls and 120 meters upstream of the Engineerium Building. It was on a  small 
(about a meter in diameter) rock about 5 feet from the  shoreline. It was 
observed catching about half a dozen fish (abut 4  centimeters long) as well as 
smaller food.  It then at 7:25 flew to a  large rock about 20 meters from shore.  
Here are directions courtesy of Kayo Roy:
Once in Niagara Falls drive along the Niagara Parkway above the Falls to  
Dufferin Island.  Lots of tourists there at this time of the year and  parking 
can be a real problem.  Go to the south entrance road to Dufferin  Island and 
park here.  IT IS FREE.  Walk back across the Parkway  towards the Falls and 
look for the small GATE HOUSE HYDRO building.  It is  just south of the much 
larger old Toronto Hydro Building.  There is a  little parkette between these two 
buildings....walk along the NORTH side of Gate  House building to the river 
edge.  Look for the park bench closest to this  small building, the heron was 
opposite this bench feeding from some shoreline  rocks quite close to the 
We then to Wainfleet bog and heard at least one and possibly two  
Whip-poor-wills. This location can be reached by crossing the Peace Bridge on to  Rt 3 at 
Fort Erie and continuing west on Route #3 through Port Colburn to Wilson  
Road. Go north on the dirt Wilson Road one kilometer until a second dirt road  
goes to the left. Stop hear and listen for the Whip-poor-wills in Wainfleet bog  
on your right. 
Best Wishes for Great Birding,
Bill Watson

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