[Ontbirds]Holland Landing S.L.- Shorebirds

Dave Worthington worth at pathcom.com
Mon Aug 7 23:52:26 EDT 2006

I visited Holland Landing Lagoons this morning (Tues 8:45 am) and although
habitat remains excellent for shorebirds there was nothing and unusual and
numbers seem to have decreased since my last visit last Thurs.
Least Sandpipers were the most abundant ~75
only saw 1 Semi-pal Sandpiper
1 Pectoral
a few Spotted & Solitary's (less then 10 of each )
Killdeer & Lesser Yellowlegs (probably less then 6 of each)
Bonaparte Gull numbers remained at 75+ with a number of juveniles
Dave Worthington
worth at pathcom.com

Directions: The Holland Landing lagoons are just north of Newmarket.  From
Davis Drive/Hwy.9, you can travel straight north on Yonge Street  to the
stoplights beside the Newmarket Inn.  Turn right into Holland Landing and
follow the curving descent to the lights at the bridge.  You will be on Old
Yonge Street.  Keep going north through town.  You will go through a little
curve in the road where there are conifer stands on both sides, then you
will pass Doane Rd. on the right, Cedar St .is about 1 km past Doane on the
on right (east). Turn here and follow it to the dead end., you see the gate
in front of you.

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