[Ontbirds]Yellow-crowned Night-Heron - Blenheim S.L.

Maris Apse apsemaris at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 12 23:28:28 EDT 2006

Hi all,
      This juvenile plumaged bird was in the first lagoon to the right. It 
was at the edge of the cattails near the NE corner ~18:00 to-night and I 
barely got my bins on it before it flew up and out of sight. I walked part 
way down the berm, but could not find it so went on to the last lagoon to 
look at all the shorebirds.
      There were many Yellowlegs, mostly Lesser, ~ 12/15 Dowitchers (1 
possible Long-billed, but too far to be sure), 10 Spotted, 5 Pectoral,~ 8 
Least, ~ 20 Semipalmated,  2 Baird's and finally 1 Stilt Sandpiper plus ~5 
Semipalmated Plover and ~15 Killdeer.
       I decided to try to locate the Heron by walking around the south end 
and as soon as I turned the SE corner immediatelt spotted the bird at the 
edge of the cattails again. This time it afforded me great scope views at 
only ~15M,  for about 2 minutes - ample time to note all the features. It 
then flew across the lagoon to the large roadside trees, south of the tower 
giving me a great look at the very gray flight feathers.
        I could not see the bird in the tree from roadside - it may have 
flown down to the lagoon as I was fiddling with the lock.
                                                      Cheers!     Maris

Directions: ~ 1 Km north of Hwy #3 on Lagoon Road, which is just west of 
Blenheim. You must have a permit, which gives you the combination lock #, 
from the town office.  This is available free during business hours or can 
be downloaded from the Blenheim website - but unfortunately I do not have 
the addresses at hand (in Ontbirds archives?)

Maris Apse
10094 Red Pine Road, Box 22,
RR #2 Grand Bend ON  N0M 1T0
(519)  238 - 8415

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