[Ontbirds]Pickering/Whitby Warblers and Shorebirds

Geoff - Birds avocet at rogers.com
Thu Sep 14 11:36:25 EDT 2006

Sept. 14th:

Pickering - Frenchman's Bay [east of White's Road off Bayly] north end - only one Lesser Yellowlegs and a good fallout of warblers: Black-thr. Blue, Black-thr. Green, Mourning, Canada, Magnolia, Yellowthroat, Nashville, Redstart and Bay-breasted. Also Red-eyed Vireos and Scarlet Tanagers.

Whitby - Pringle Creek at foot of Brock St. - Lesser Yellowlegs (7), Least Sandpiper (3), Pectoral Sandpiper (8), Wilson's Snipe (7) and Killdeer (7).

Geoff Carpentier, Ajax

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