[Ontbirds]Am. Golden Plover

Len Jones cloudburst_ca at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 14 17:01:27 EDT 2006

     Today, there were several shorebirds to be seen in a semi-flooded field between Harrow and Kingsville, Essex County, along CR18.
  4 Am Golden Plover
  2 Solitary Sandpipers
  2 Dunlin
  1 Greater Yellowlegs
  Both Semis
  Several Lesser Yellowlegs
  Many Killdeer.
  Lotsa Gulls.
  This field will not stay muddy for long, if you live locally it is well worth checking out.
  The hard shoulder is wide at this site, however this is a fast stretch of road, be aware of traffic.
  The flooded field is approx 2 kms East of Harrow on the North side of the road (CR18).
  Good birdin'
  Len Jones

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