[Ontbirds]Kingston area birds to Sept. 15, 2006

Peter and Jane Good goodcompany at sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 15 07:19:18 EDT 2006

A wet week has put a damper on the activity of both birds and birders and as
a result there is little to report locally. The Amherstview sewage lagoons
were checked on Wednesday and presented much the same mix of shorebirds and
waterfowl as last week. The only "new bird" was the first Dunlin of the
fall, no doubt the first of many. Pectoral, Baird's and White-rumped
Sandpipers were also present, but only one of each.

A solitary Solitary Sandpiper (what an aptly named bird) patrolled a newly
flooded pond near Camden East. Other than that there seems to be little else
of note. To quote one local birder "We're due for something good soon!"

Peter Good
Kingston Field Naturalists
613 378-6605

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