[Ontbirds]Five Vireo Species + Many Migrants - Toronto Island

Alfred Adamo alfred.adamo at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 19:51:01 EDT 2006

Good evening ONTBIRDERS,

High numbers of many migrant species were found on Ward's Island for
the six hours I was there, despite having to put up with a Frisbee
tournament on the course there.  There were so many birds present that
I had to skip Snake Island and Snug Harbour which I usually cover.
Additionally, many birds that were seen at the top of high willow and
cottonwood trees were left unidentified.  So the totals here must be
only a fraction of what was present on Ward's, never mind the entire
Toronto Islands!

There was apparently a heavy movement overnight that was put down by
an early morning shower.

Highlights included five vireo species including one Yellow-throated
and five Philadelphia.  Eighteen warbler species.  Five flycatcher
species including two Yellow-bellied.  White-throated, White-crowned
and three Lincoln's Sparrows.

Some high numbers (many more were no doubt missed) include:

Ruby-crowned Kinglet - 200+ (estimate)
Swainson's Thrush - 92
Magnolia Warbler - 76
Red-eyed Vireo - 32
American Redstart - 28
Rose-breasted Grosbeak - 14

The best location was the "Migrant Trap", half-way between the Ward's
and Centre Island Ferry docks, north of the road and south of the
lagoon near the church.  In my many years of birding the Island I had
never seen so many migrants at this particular location.

Many migrants may still remain for tomorrow with new arrivals.

Alfred Adamo

Directions (Courtesy of Norm Murr)

TORONTO ISLANDS (Wards Island to Hanlans Point - without side trips is 5 km)
To get to the Toronto Islands from Queen and Yonge Streets on the TTC.
If your on the subway southbound stay on it and get off at Union
Station, walk south about 1 km to the ferry docks at the foot of Bay
Street at Queens Quay and you are there. If in an auto on the Gardener
Expressway or on Lakeshore Blvd, then exit at Bay Street and drive
south to Queens Quay, there are lots of parking lots nearby (fee).
I paid $10 at a lot a short walk east of the Ferry Docks.

There is a fee for using the island ferries ($6.00 adult / $3.50 for
seniors & students) and to find out the sailing times you can phone
(416) 392-8193. There are washrooms on the islands as well as the city
side at the ferry docks and you can pick up a schedule at the docks or
check on-line.

The 1st boat to Wards Island (my preferred starting point) is 6:35 am
and the 2nd is 7:00 am Monday to Friday.

The 1st is at 6:35 am and the 2nd boat is at 7:15 am on Saturday,
Sunday and Holidays.

The 1st boat to Hanlans Point is 8:00 am and the 2nd boat is at 8:30
am Monday to Friday.

The 1st is at 8:15 am and the 2nd boat is at 9:15 am on Saturday,
Sunday and Holidays.

If arriving in early am you must obtain your ticket from a machine
just inside the gate so be sure to have $1.00 and $2.00 and/or 25 cent
coins before you arrive at the docks as there is no place to get
change and the machine does not make change. (There is a change
machine there if you want to chance it).

There are coffee shops across from the ferry docks in the building on
the northwest corner and they are open early. food and beverages on
The Islands when open are very expensive i.e. soft drink $3.00 plus.

For a detailed ferry schedule check the following web site.


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